The Job Of Close Protection Officers

There are two main types of close protection services: private and public. Private bodyguards are generally only available to businesses and celebrities; however, they do provide exceptional support during times of crisis or major emergencies. For these types of services, the majority of CPOs are ex-soldiers, law enforcement officials, retired military personnel, or former members of high-risk corporations. Public close protection services are generally provided by professional security companies. These are highly trained security teams that provide support to the general public in high-risk situations.

Types of Close Protection Services

Close protection officers (CPO’s) are a highly specialized close protection unit, dedicated to your safety from all threats. They work tirelessly to ensure your safety while you carry out your daily duties. The role of a close protection officer is to act as a line of defence between you and any would be intruders. Although their primary responsibility is to prevent crime, they also perform additional duties such as protecting property and offices and attending emergencies such as fires. If you are in need of such a service for your company, it is always important to check the background of the close protection team you are interested in employing.

Close protection services employ a variety of strategies to prevent crime. Although the primary goal of security services is to deter potential crimes, they also prevent potential incidents before they happen by working to manage the resources of businesses and individuals, and by educating people about the dangers of certain risks. This includes informing employees and management about the hazards of working close to, or under, public property. In addition, they also inform people about the benefits of reporting criminal activity to the proper authorities, including law enforcement agencies and security personnel.


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