The Daring



Product Description

Tim is a self taught designer, illustrator and photographer from London, who likes to work with hand drawn lettering, bright colours and bold lines. His work has been called “uniquely imaginative”, which he thinks means it’s often a little strange.

He has previously worked stints in Tokyo and Seattle, but he is now based back in his home town of London, where he works in a variety of mediums, predominantly creating design and artwork for freelance projects and prints.

His illustrations have been featured in a number of publications internationally, as well as being sold and exhibited worldwide.

Most days Tim can be found in his studio with some inappropriately placed pencils, daydreaming and doodling, surrounded by pretty ladies and piles of gold.


Additional Information



Print Method

Hand Screen-printing by Crooked Cartoon
Split fountain printing
Metallic inks, Highest quality water-based inks

Paper Stock

The ace GFSmith COLORPLAN range

Ebony 175 gsm paper / screen printed with white and metallic gold ink




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