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9 Artists

The 9 lead Cities of Hope artists are among the most important street artists working today. Despite the wide array of styles and techniques on display, they all have one common factor; An innate need to respond to the world around them and take their artwork direct to the people.
All 9 artists have chosen their own topics to address with their work. They are global issues that resonate with them on a personal level that we have then matched to the work of a local social justice organisation.

Special Guests

We've invited a special guest or two along to the project. Keep your eyes peeled...

Iconic Manchester

Artists with a strong connection to Manchester also join the Cities of Hope Convention. With a brief of iconic Manchester the work of these artists will provide local context to our street gallery. Without the support of these artists Cities of Hope would not have happened. We are indebted to them and are privileged to have them stand alongside us.