Nomad Clan

Nomad Clan is the collective duo of partners Cbloxx and AYLO.

CBloxx is a street artist born in a small northern town in the heart of the bleak Yorkshire mores. Recently commended as one of the world’s top 10 female street artists by The Guardian; CBloxx attempts to capture a surreal portrayal of life, conflict, death and spirituality. Her work is predominantly character driven and her speciality sits within portraiture.

Aylo is a manchester born and bred street artist and paint enthusiast with a solid background in Graffiti. Her work explores Quirky animal characters and playful high energy graphics that are dirived from childhood daydreaming.

When the pair collaborate the fusion delivers an unmistakeable style. The audience get a glimpse into another dimension, one shaped entirely by Nomad Clan, sometimes sereen and dreamlike other times like a post apocalyptic nightmare!