Kladi ft. Chekos

A whirlwind of energy, Kladi led the team of illustrators that have produced a set of limited edition screen prints that champion the artists and the charities that we are supporting. She then went and convinced fellow Italian street artist Chekos to fly over and help her paint a mural. We’ve not seen anyone yet say no to this remarkable woman.

Born in Lecce, South of Italy. He started his artistic activity on the streets of Milan in 1995 as a writer. Years of experineces on the graffiti and freestyling scenes he had gained enhanced the need of revolutionising his creative activity. With his revolutionary character, he sees art as a continuous search of ways of expressing one’s own perspective and as a way of visibility to social issues.
The artist has contributed to many exhibitions in Italy and abroad. His mural you can see in Italy, Poland,Portugal, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Macedonia. He is the main initiator and founder of “Street Art South Italy”.