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Vestige is a not for profit social justice organisation that uses the Arts to inspire action on the social issues that define our time and support the work of agencies that champion these.

Developed in Manchester, England, we deliver our activities in cities across the world working alongside internationally renowned artists. Together we stand in solidarity with the oppressed and those that fight at their side.
In the vestige, hope remains..

Cities of Hope

Cities of Hope is the first event to be delivered. A Street Art convention which brings 9 of the worlds best artists to Manchester with the objective to force witness to 9 key social justice issues.

Each artist and issue is being linked to a vital local organisation that fights to help the lives of those affected by the issues, at a grass roots level.

“Cities need a human touch… Not adverts and billboards.

We as people need to see what people are thinking and feeling… Not what the advertisers would like us to be thinking and feeling” Faith47