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From its beginning, Street Art has championed the oppressed, standing defiant in the face of injustice as the voice of the powerless. Street Artists are beacons of hope, champions of the struggles that many would rather ignore.

They leave their mark on history, bearing witness, indeed forcing witness to the issues that define our time. Their art echoes in our souls, whispering that hope is not lost, it was never lost
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    The world’s most renowned street artists come to Manchester for 9 days in May to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and those that fight at their side. They will not just paint walls, they will create new landmarks, landmarks that will become beacons of hope.

    Joined by a team of artists with a history to Manchester they will stand defiant against injustice and force witness to the actions of those agencies that are making a stand.

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    Social justice Organisations

    The work of each of our artists is matched to a local grassroots organisation through which we raise awareness of and champion their work. Through a range of activities we aspire to raise a minimum of £100,000 in support of their work and share their stories of hope to millions from across the globe.

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    Cities of Hope is launched with a 9 day Convention of Hope that uses the Arts to raise awareness of the social issues that define our time and the actions of social justice agencies that are making a difference at a local level on these issues.

    A programme of expositions showcase hope - demonstrating how ordinary people are making a difference and that change is possible. These expositions are delivered in partnership with our social justice partners alongside internationally recognised experts.

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    The Organisation

    Cities of Hope is a project developed by Vestige. We are a not for profit social justice organisation that uses the Arts to inspire action on the social issues that define our time and support the work of agencies that champion these.

    Developed in Manchester, England, we deliver our activities in cities across the world working alongside internationally renowned artists. Together we stand in solidarity with the oppressed and those that fight at their side.

    In the vestige, hope remains.

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